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About Me

Software Developer. Godot Engine Contributor.

Video games jumpstarted my passion for programming. I dreamed about creating my own MMORPG. So I scavenged the web, before the golden age of Youtube, gathering all the knowledge I needed. I came across a program called Game Maker and took a stab at making small video games. Eventually, I realized that I would need to learn how the internet worked to create an MMORPG. I was lucky enough to take the Cisco Academy course while in high school and got CCNA and A+ certified. I also learned about C++, databases, and MySQL. With the knowledge that I obtained, I helped develop a social game for kids called Kingdom Island.

Currently, I enjoy working with web related tech stacks as I find them extremely versatile. Web-based services, desktop applications, mobile applications, smart-devices, they're extremely universal. What sort of project are you working on? Shoot me a message. I'd be interested to know more.

Latest work

Here is a list of some of the latest work done by me.

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Shift Planner
Interactive web app (SPA) developed with React

Shift planner web app that helps automate schedule making.

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Music Player
Interactive web app (SPA) developed with React

Music player

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A landing page developed with HTML/CSS

Landing page developed from designer's mockup.

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Extra Clan
Fullstack Website using HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL

A gaming community website

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Kingdom Island
Crossplatform game developed with HTML5, Javascript, C++, MySQL

A virtual world game for mobile and the web.

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Rev Match Pro
Website and Mobile App

An app that helps drivers perform better gearshifts.

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Sushi Restaurant and Bar
Website using Vanilla HTML/CSS & Strapi CMS for content management.

A website for a sushi restaurant and bar business.

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