Alpha Team League S17; Preview & Predictions

Atl team league season 17

By meeK

Last season we only had a rookie division squad. We literally missed playoffs by a map or 2. Some of our masters had a chance in competing in the alpha amateur division with an alliance in the season with Nova X. I don't believe oil or meep dropped a map.

Now I am very proud to say that we are going to be able to manage three divisions rookie Ametur and Semi-Pro we have been ready for months to take on the task of rookie and amateur divisions but it was in my goal this year to obtain GM's again and be able to compete in higher divisions. I will attempt to give a preview and perhaps even predictions on how all three divisions will do against the abundance of opposition this season.

I will begin first with Rookie division. The diamond population in Cloudm is by far the deepest pool currently I've been fortunate enough to have fruit medley as my captain this season. He has been in cloudm for maybe four years now. And is relatively active when it comes to events. Good to have more staff with with me.

I will throw up a play poll regarding how we want to approach this season; do you want to see the do you want to see the highest skilled players get priority or would you rather see a good equal amount of playing time so everyone has a chance to compete?

Personally I feel the players with the most MMR as well as the most active players in the season in conjunction with if you can make it to the time set. I think this is why we were able to accumulate 24 match wings and sustained only 14 map losses last season in rookie.

As far as the player Landscape goes this season will be much different than last season as last season's active Diamond players were dhdh and Vermilion; two players who have seemingly given a long break from SC2. This season I expect us to field a lot of Old
Fashion, FruitMedley , ZanitY , TaintedLove, and Ultralisk. I also hope players like bufftossplease, dacooga, unholy, and cowboydan play.

Predicted MVP= OldFash
Predicted Darkhorse= Ultralisk
Predicted StapleOfTheSquad=FruitMedley

Predicted Overall season= 2nd place 26 map wins 12 losses [playoff bound]

Next i will be talking about the amateur division. It is one of our weakest and least populated divisions at the moment. I'm just going to call it right now this season relies heavily on myself oil town and meep on a weekly basis. Hopefully our buddies sarsaan, kilgore and even brenmcbash join us this season. I would have no other two mates with me in the depths of bloody battle than these two, and you know damn well ya boy is comin with the fuego builds...but it's looking rather bleek than boomin quite frankly.

Predicted MVP= meep
Predicted Darkhorse= OiL
Predicted StapleofSquad = meeK

Predicted Overall season= 4th or 5th place 23 map wins 15 losses [ not playoff bound] (prove me wrong)

Finally the. Semi pro division is a division we are taking on suddenly band we are aware of the risk (possibly placing lower than usual due to last minute circumstances) but all things considered I am very hopeful that our new players Symphony, days and various other gms ive recruited recently will develop some team chemistry and prosper in the depths of starcraft combat.

I will be taking on the role of captain for the low gms considering most of them are new to the squad and will leave management responsibilities to me. I havent discussed this with Fruit or OiL but for ACE PLAYER 2-2 situations i enjoyed throwin up a viewer poll right quick and having the players of cloudm decide who goes in for the final match, up to them how they want to handle it.

Predicted MVP= Symphony
Predicted Darkhorse= RogerDoger
Predicted StapleofSquad = Eurythesus

Predicted Overall season= 4th or 5th place 23 map wins 15 losses [ not playoff bound] (prove me wrong) [ill play it safe and remain in the middle]