Sushi Restaurant and Bar

About Us

Sushi Restaurant and Bar is world-renown for their exquisite menu, sprung from the mind of Executive Chef Zark Muckerberg. His sushi and sashimi dishes showcase the freshest ingredients and immaculate culinary finese. Over two decades of mastery led him to his quest for the perfect ingredients. Zark has been able to craft flavors of intricacy that aim to accentuate what matters most: the fish. Come visit our nearest location and allow us to make your dining experience your most memorable.

  1. "Fresh ingredients, a tasteful menu, and a welcoming environment makes this place one of the best sushi joints in the industry."
  2. - Rordon Gamsey
  3. "The service was superb! The dishes were very tasteful, with some of the freshes ingredients I've ever experienced! Highly recommend!"
  4. - Pete Salzinski
  5. "My wife and I went here for our 25th anniversary. Our experience will be cherised forever. Their staff are the friendliest and their food astonishing!"
  6. - Rick Morty